Why MeetYu?

MeetYu is not just about preserving memories, it's about transforming lives and contributing to a sustainable future. In the rush of today's world, precious moments and valuable lessons can slip away unnoticed. MeetYu offers a solution, empowering you to seize these moments, to reflect, and to grow.

But we go beyond personal growth. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MeetYu is a tool for well-being (SDG 3), encouraging emotional intelligence through self-reflection. It fosters lifelong learning (SDG 4) and showcases innovation in technology (SDG 9). With MeetYu, you map your life's journey, gaining appreciation for your community and the world (SDG 11).

Don't let another memory fade. Join MeetYu today. Enrich your life journey and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. Make your memories matter with MeetYu.


We began in September 2022 and have since gone through multiple MVP iterations with the support of KTH Innovation's business coaching. As part of KTH Innovation's pre-incubator program, we have access to excellent business coaching and office space, providing us with the foundation for an exciting future.

Our partnership with a leading Nordic IT consultant firm gives us access to a cloud expert, which supports us to develop new and innovative ways to help users preserve their life's moments. We're proud to be choosen by Microsoft to join the Microsoft Founder's hub. Further, AWS has credited us a considerable amount of cloud ressources for our ambitions. MeetYu is already available in open beta for iOS in the AppStore and Android in the PlayStore, and we're committed to providing the best possible service and experience to our users. 

Preserve your past, enrich your future - with MeetYu

Keep Your Everyday Memories Safe

What did you do 4 days ago? What about 4 weeks or even 4 months ago? 

With Meetyu you'll never lose those precious memories.

Welcome Good AND Bad Days

Our highs are only meaningful because of our lows. MeetYu saves your roller coaster ride in life.  You can enjoy watching it like never before.

Let Your Family & Friends Participate

In our busy lives we can sometimes lose touch with our family & friends.

MeetYu makes it simple & fun to let you share certain memories with people you care about while keeping personal ones private. 

Get the Best Memory Book 

No standard photo book tells the full story around the photographs. 

But MeetYu does! You can print your very own book of memories from a trip or a chapter in your life.

Create Your Own Map of the World!

We see many places as we walk through life. But after some time passes, can we really tell where exactly we were and the fleeting thoughts we had? MeetYu lets you capture that in a simple & rewarding way.

So Much More. Get the App & Explore!

It's our vision to provide you with free, fun & powerful app that lets you capture, reflect on and tell your life's story.